Hear a snippet of Johnny Greenwoods “Norwegian Wood” score

While there’s STILL no new Radiohead material out there, we can always rely on the bands more outgoing member Johnny Greenwood to supply us with musical goodness in the meantime. He’s written (and played part of) the score for the forthcoming Japanese film ‘Norwegian Wood’,a title so ripe for porn parody the script practically writes itself. Today I stand tall, bringing you a 1 minute 51 second long clip with a title so long that takes almost as long to say as it is to listen to the damned thing (“Don’t Read What Hasn’t Been Baptized by Time”, if you were asking).

“So what about the song then, Alec?” I hear you cry, from the bottom of an depraved Radiohead shaped hole. Well, it’s… 1 minutes 51 seconds of Johnny Greenwood finger picking his way through a series of chords, so chord like that you might well be inclined to call them chords.