Hear 2 new LCD Soundsystem tracks right now, here.

You tease! We’ve had 3 tracks from forthcoming “This Is Happening” now, including these two “Dance Yrself Clean” and “Change” and things are beggining to look up for the long delayed 3rd LP from the James Murphy & co. “Dance Yrself Clean” adheres to the new indie manifesto (I.e every song should last more than 7 minutes) perfectly, clocking in at a lust worthy 8 minutes of pure emotive electronic bloops, reminding the world that he’s the only man who can make a synth board sound like raw emotion James Murphy could have talked/sang/wailed anything he liked over the top and it would have most likely come out wonderful. “Change” sounds like Hot Chip’s newest LP done right, a 80’s space dance odyssey with some -finally- real singing on show from the big man up front combining some properly heartfelt vocals it could all end up woefully Poe faced if it wasn’t wrapped up in such a danceable beat that’s destined to be remixed more than that fucking Tiger Woods Nike advert….