Hatcham Social – Sidewalk Video

Suffering from the same syndrome as Bowie Bothering hipsters MGMT, Hatcham Social have taken their sweet time getting this promo together. However unlike anything the aforementioned aren’t-we-so-bohemian-and-cool MGMT have released this is actually worth listening to. Shot on a single camera, ex Klaxons drummer, and moodless quiffy member Tobias Kidd steals the show, with his eerily focused vacant stare, reminiscent of Bowie during his Thin White Duke period, (although he does only have some office supplies and Howard Moon from the mighty Boosh to contend with…), whilst frontman Finnigan Kidd, tries his hand at writing down the songs lyrics as fast as he sings them, (failing miserably…). Like what you hear? Well allow me to shamelessly plug my review of their debut right here!

Joe Thresh