Gorrilaz – Superfast Jellyfish

Superfast Jellyfish

After much technical nonsense (both on MiscMusic and on my own spluttering laptop) I’m finally able to post again. I wish I could post something truly eye clawingly intense, but apart from the coma enducing ”anarchy” that was The Brits and the NME Awards, musically there still hasn’t been anything worth getting too excited about. But I suppose this tit bit from upcoming Damon Albarn/Jamie Hewlitt collab Gorillaz latest album will fill a small void. Featuring guest vocals from Super Furry Animals Gruffles Jones and hip hop legends De La Soul, it’s nothing too dissimilar from anything found on Demon Days. Obviously seeing as the sound of the minute is so retro you’d swear you’d hopped in a Delorean with an old man and travelled back to 1985, it features floaty analogue synths and retro beats by the bucket, oh and a chorus somewhere between Smiths era Johnny Marr and Chromeo. So all in all…okay…maybe even good

Joe Thresh