FUR – Lackadaisical

Those familiar with Merok’s Teengirl Fantasy and SALEM (those who aren’t click the damned links you fools, that’s what they’re there for…) will be drowsily accustomed to laid back bedroom, relax dance resonating from FUR’s (or Bryce Isbell when he’s being pedestrian) latest EP ”Lackadaisical”. The beardy Texanite mashes together elements of Animal Collective, early Daft Punk, Joy Orbison and a Paul McKenna self help tape, blending a sound that would make you look like a person having a stroke/seizure hybrid if you were to try and dance to it, obviously in a good way. Don’t just take my word for it though, the good people at Waaga Records are giving away the EP for free, so get on over there you scamps!


Joe Thresh