FREE STUPH: Avey Tare – Lucky 1 (You know, the guy from Animal Collective?)

I think its safe to assume, no one was expecting Animal Collectives most forgettable cohort to release a 30 minute musical odyssey, bringing together what sounds like a cloned army of Jesus Christ’s, moonwalking across a sea of vintage synthesizers, over which the souls of Elvis, John Lennon and Kurt Cobain harmonise vocals so insanely catchy, you’ll instantly commit your vocal chords to humming/singing the song over and over AND OVER UNTIL YOU CANT EVEN COMPREHEND WHERE YOUR HUMMING ORIGINATED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

No one expected the above scenario, because everyone already knew what he was going to produce. Essentially the same as what he does at his day job, but without the hassle of having to split royalties 3 ways. But who cares!? We love Avey’s/Animal Collectives sound just the way it is! (Although some harmonised celebrity ghoul wailing would have been nice…)