FREE STUFF: Egyptrixx – Chrysalis Records (feat. Trust)

If Simian Mobile Disco is the audible equivalent of an amazing night of unparalleled electronic euphoria and dizzy heights, then Egyptrixx’s ”Chrysalis Records” is that same night, only after having your drink spiked, during an already heavy comedown. Like SMD’s Sleep Deprivation, heard through the ears of the truly sleep deprived, CR is a pulsating, strung out soup of off kilter beats and hazy synth, guided by the oxymoronic distant yet razor sharp vocals of Maya Postepski of Canadian band Trust. Sounds good I know. You can do your bit, and  help keep Egyptrixx in smart shirts, angular haircuts and melancholic tunes, by buying his album. Just do it okay. No arguements. (Its out Febuary 9th courtesy of Night Slugs)

Official Thresh sanctioned gripe of the day: How are ”Dubstep” tracks such as this any different from just good electronic music? Maybe I’m missing the point in my twighlight years of being 18, but if this is dubstep, so is pretty much any electronic track that can be considered brooding or dark…(Seriously someone answer me…Prefferably on a postcard, for nostalgia’s sake…)


Joe Thresh