Eleanor Lou – Let It Insist

Ideally this post would have been an artist feature, but finding information on Eleanor Lou’s musical activity, is harder than NME is over The Kings Of Leon at the moment (ho ho ho). What can be made from her snippets of output, (drifting around Youtube, Myspace, Last Fm ect), is the forceful one woman gutter garage she produces is up there with the best, the best in my eyes being ”cooler-than-you-will-ever-be” duo The Kills. From the blurred footage of ”Let It Insist” above, you’d swear Allison Mossheart had gone solo, but not before extensive guitar lessons from bandmate Jamie Hince. Expressing similar repetetive bluesy thrills as the twosome, Eleanor takes their trademark minimalism even further, confidently backed by nothing but her powerful set of lungs, and guitar. There’s no drum machines/pedals/bandmate, but her sound is all the better for it, accentuating her raw emotion and aesthetic perfectly. I wish I could say there was an LP on the way, even an EP but I don’t even know (thanks ALOT internet), but its definitely worth (trying) to keep an eye on Jamie and Allison’s lovechild regardless.

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/eleanorlou