Egyptian Hip Hop – Moon Crooner

For those in the know, or before the rabid throng of ”who the fuck is this guy/why should I care” musings, I have to echo fellow Misc.Music cohort Alec’s apology, and make it clear, I was on my jolly holidays (Turkey would you know) and therefore my music intake consisted of several bad dance songs and Katy Perry’s California girls played several thousand times a day.
Putting that nightmarish carousel of pre package pop torture behind me, I flew back to blighty today to stumble on this gem, courtesy of ”dos-pop” (yeah seriously) champions Egyptian Hip Hop. The 4 piece, mentored by Late of the Pier’s resident frontman/funky yelper Sam Eastgate, is really starting to show, with his influence glaringly obvious. With LOTP deciding to go agressively AWOL at the height of their success, surely EHH are in prime position to fill the void. It has everything a LOTP track would (funk by the bass load, organs, quivering vocals) but less polish and quite a bit more naive charm. Long live doss pop, (and chillwave, and witch house and….sigh no more genres please, you hipster rascals you)

Joe Thresh