Deerhunter bring ‘Helicopter’ to Conan O’brien, snuff Leno

What’s that? A clip from an American TV show which you can watch at the other side of the Atlantic!? Say it ain’t so! Yes, it would appear Team Coco has done us a solid and allowed everyone to see Deerhunter doing their thing whilst battling through a wall of smoke so dense you could _____ a _____ with it (feel free to insert witty remarks in the appropriate fields). They brought the 3rd best song from their sublime 4th studio album ‘Halcyon Digest’, described somewhat loosely as a “hit” in the video description above. Regardless, they sounded great and there’s a few stunning moments of Conan striding around in a pair of women’s leggings too, because you didn’t think you’d see that when you got up this morning, did you?