Cloud Nothings – Even If It Worked Out

Sometimes, you can work out how good an artist is just by listening to their b-sides. The Smiths had great B-sides, Roxy Music had amazing songs on the flip and while not quite as iconic as the aforementioned bands, Cloud Nothings appears to know the trick to a awesome B-side. “Even If It Worked Out” lives on the reverse of 7″ “Didn’t you” and if you’re aiming to be achingly cool you can throw it on your summer play list and bask in your own obscurity. From it’s sunny lo-fi hook to the awkwardly honest verse of “I’m sorry we can’t be friends / my heart is over-rated / I don’t like being alone, but I don’t like being with you / Even if it worked out, I would wanna walk out” it’s a pretty perfect slice of summer.

Listen above!!!!11one