Breton – Counter Balance EP

Emerging from the same space as ”dubstep” dabbler’s James Blake, and Fantastic Mr Fox, comes the bafflingly brilliant Breton and this their third EP, courtesy of Hemlock Recordings. Out in December, its 5 tracks effortlessly showcase the mesh of influences culminating to create their sound. Comparisons to Foals maths enfused noodlings/Yannis Philippakis’ mockney yelp are going to be drawn, and at times the latter becomes a little too jarring, straying into ”hoxton heroes” Hadouken territory. But when it works, its glorious. Take opener ”RDI” as a testament, frentic fretwork, rich reverb heavy vocals, intricate synth layering, and a bassline so heavy its in danger of rendering itself only listenable by whales. Elswhere the four piece have come tantalisingly close to redefining the word anthemic, by seemingly taking These New Puritans ”We Want War” and exchanging all that introversion, for hands in the air, euphoric, life affirmation. A swaggering, bombardment of brass sampling and hip hop beats, December is huge in every sense of the word. That’s not to say its all dancefloor hedonism and big beats, Counter Balance demonstrates a more low-key approach, utilising an slow burning less-is-more approach, bringing to mind critically acclaimed dubstep dou ”Mount Kimbie”.  Add to the mix a live show that comfortably lives up to what’s been put on record so far, using twitchy, almost abstract visuals as a backdrop to already experimental exploration, and you have a captivating outfit, surely on a fast track to the ”Best new bands…” lists of 2011.

Like what you hear above? Well get more ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE! You can hear the complete EP via this link here. (Yeah right there. Just press it.)