Blood Red Shoes – Colours Fade (Free LEGAL Download)

Steven, Laura-Mary and the lovely people at V2 have kindly given us all the chance to download a new track from their second (and yet to be named) album for free. As the title of this post suggests the track is called Colours Fade and is taken from the follow up to Box of Secrets which as of yet has no release date.

Colours Fade
doesn’t see the band straying too far from their debut in style which as it turns out is a good thing. Laura’s typically heavy guitar riffs as usual are top notch with Steven’s skin-spanking drumming helping the track reach it’s 6 minute long destination. Yes, this track is considerably longer than any of the previous tracks on the debut but it does give hope for the follow up; which I hope will be travelling through our headphones sometime in early 2010.


*Also, try and listen for the uncanny resemblance to any previous Howling Bells track. That being my only gripe.