BBC's sound of 2010: What you need to know about each act in (roughly) tweet sized chunks

What do “Daisy Dares You”, “Delphic”, “Devlin”, “The Drums”, “Everything Everything”, “Giggs”, “Gold Panda”, “Ellie Goulding”, “Hurts”, “Joy Orbison”, “Marina & the Diamonds”, “Owl City”, “Rox”, “Stornoway” and “Two Door Cinema Club” all have in common? They all made there way on the the Big British Castle’s sound of 2010 list, silly! Being the lovely person I am I’ve decided to fill you in on every one of the acts in 140 characters or less, for the short attention spanned new music fan in your life. See that go down after the jump

Daisy Dares You

She has a picture of Kurt Cobain on her Myspace and made this song, comes off like a wanky faux rock Lily Allen, I already want D.A.I.S.Y to fall down a fucking canyon


One of the better acts on the list, followed their music over the last year I can agree they seem poised for great things. Maybe even support Kasabian one day! Think about that, boys


Interesting lyricist but wont reach wide success due to intelligence and a lack of aggression, bitches, hoes or bling. Note how heroin and knifes are portrayed negatively, the fool.

The Drums

NME darlings “The Drums” create charmingly shaped pop music in the vein of The Cure ect. Could well end up fading under the weight of the hype and turning into turgent advert soundtracker’s

Everything Everything

Sticking a foot in the closing door of the 80’s revival, Everything everything lock onto the trend of high voice/sub friendly fires rhythm section in a reasonably inoffensive manner.


Purile, shit and try hard. Genuinely dire.

Gold Panda

Having been making the blog rounds for a good while now Gold Panda slice their way into the sound of 2010 selections, an inspired and left wing choice that sure to please those with patience.

Ellie Goulding

Chart friendly accesa-pop who regardless of my opinion or the outcome of the competition is likely to go onto sucess in the UK charts. But for reference, crap.


Being devoid of charm isn’t a curse! Not when you’re still peddling 80’s nu wave that was good in the 80’s and since then has been the genre of choice of the uninspired & chart hungry.

Joy Orbison

See what you did there, Joy Orbison. With your name that little to no fans of your genre will understand. Bringing the 90’s R&B back to dance but lacking neither that arty farty stylistic twinges or the club banger tune material.

Marina & The Diamonds

Weak, bland synth pop. Like Katy Perry but without the never ending novelty and lesbian innuendo. The above single even includes chorus ripped off from ABBA.

Owl City

Apparently big in belgium Owl City cater to the just-turned-14 fresh off the disney channel and straight onto the accesable emo pop pile.


Pretty, affectionate soul with integrity which accepts the clichés and standards of 60’s soul with open arms, lovely


The kind of acoustic/harmony indie that’s been done many times better by Fleet Foxes and the like, a safe choice.

Two Door Cinema Club

Sounding like a bastard mix of Test Icicles on a poppier note and Bombay Bicycle Club Two Door Cinema club hold up the middle of the road portion of the show nicely.

So there we go! A list that’s had me in a mixture of revulsion, admiration but mostly passive aggressive indifference. With only two or three exciting bands on the entire of the list its a poor selection, still, the following events will be interesting. Comment below to fight your corner and share your opinions on the selection.