Artist Feature: Yellow Ostrich

Picking a song to showcase Yellow Ostrich is far from an easy task, especially when this new band has written and produced 7 ep’s in less than a year, each showcasing an entirely different sound from the Radiohead meets Animal Collective highs of ‘Bread’ to Moby influenced loose dance rock in ‘He-Horses And She-Horses’: and from Sufjan inspired turns (see above) to hipster friendly indie rock it’s safe to say Yellow Ostrich have yet to really lock down a single sound. Spending more time experimenting with his influences than Lindsey Lohan spends experimenting with her sexuality (zing!) Yellow Ostrich has held short of limiting himself to a single definable sound, he plays around, entrusting different elements of his influences in individual songs.

This all adds up to a rapidly expanding and increasingly exciting back catalogue of awesome, interesting music that you really aught to pay at least some attention to. Did I mention that Alex Shaaf does this all on his own, in his bedroom? Oh and he’s planning a full length LP for late this year/early next year. I can’t fucking wait

FUN FACT: He wrote an entire EP based on Morgan Freeman’s wikipedia page, surprisingly called “The Morgan Freeman EP”. Which is also great.

Head over here to pick up all 7 EP’s completely free, you lucky devil you.

(Hey, don’t like this song? Try one of the 42 other ones, you’ll find something, I’m sure)