Artist feature: Theophilus London

Hip-Hop doesn’t really treat too heavily on these here hallowed pages, it’s nothing personal, I promise. It’s just rap music on the whole has failed to excite me, call it a lack of imagination on behalf of the current scene or just an inability to connect to a genre increasingly interested in telling me about how hot Shorty is (that bitch gets around) or how much money they have. Either way my iTunes library is hardly packed to the rafters with rap. What it does have a fair bit of though, is Theophilus London, who despite the name is not a particularly biblical artist. He thrives in areas that other artists constantly fail – geniune imagination.

He’s already pushed out several mix tapes from his home in (Jesus, here we go again) Brooklyn and each of them have been full of jems “Flying Overseas” being a particular highlight from his latest entitled “I Want You”. I can’t describe rap without sounding like the whitest man alive (yes, even more than this man) so I’m not even going to try, check it out above and them scour the internet for his free mix tapes.