Artist Feature: Mount Kimbie

Devoid of any sort of light source (let alone light show), the above video shows the impact of Mount Kimbie’s live show/sound, whilst making fellow eminimal (yeah I just created a new genre, what of it?), The XX seem about as introverted as a crowd of footy geeks at a Kasabian gig. Apparently their dark reverberations, and precision beats falls into dubstep territory, however its a far, far cry from the usual ”faulty lawnmower in an earthquake” wobble, erupting from citreon saxo’s nationwide…

The above track ”Maybes”, illustrates the bands knack for creating songs both danceable and reflective, echoing Bristol Trip Hop troupe Portishead. Grand distorted piano’s, pave the way for melodic beats and crushing booms, evoking an instant feeling of both sadness and happiness. If The XX’s success is anything to go by, Mount Kimbie are definitely one to watch.

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