Artist feature: GROUPLOVE

GROUPLOVE, formally known as GROUP may well be one of the hardest bands to do a Google search for without everyone around you raising a curious eye as the results pour in (THIS being the second result). They also happen to be one of the most exciting new bands around at the moment, they’ve been receiving some well deserved hype ever since they put out “Colours”, the first single from their debut self titled EP (placed above, handily) which plays out like a bold statement of intent for the band, showcasing a sound so potent and driven it feels more assured than most band’s do several albums in.

Refreshing then, the lack of naive charm coming from GROUPLOVE, most likely a by-product of the deep friendship and respect everyone in the band has for each other and the solid creative vision they all share. The music comes out like Modest Mouse crossed with a myriad of¬† glorious 90’s alternative rock, a combination that suddenly seems amazingly appealing set against the lazy synth-pop that sits at the top of the charts, perfectly timed for the eventual 90’s comeback due any time soon.

GROUPLOVE have already turned out a mesmerizingly confident debut EP, we can only wait to see what they turn out next, until then though we’ll just have to settle with this. It deserves to be purchased by you.

Itunes link.