Artist feature: BRONZE (Plus free EP download)

BRONZE are one of those super cool bands you hear about from Brooklyn town, NYC.

They’ve just released their debut EP into the wild (Imaginatively titled “BRONZE”) and it’s a delicious mixture of danceable indie rock, hipster approved production and intelligent song writing that far outstrips the discography of the band. In fact, the easiest comparison to make about BRONZE and their debut EP is with that of similarity capitalized Brooklynites MGMT and their debut EP. Both bands have a knack for crafting ear pleasing pop music whilst retaining a certain amount of restrained charm that hints towards a very strong future indeed. I sent them an email or two talking about the EP and after asking for some information on the EP they told me this:

The songs were conceived over the last year and a half. We recorded them at the BRONZE apartment/recording studio in Brooklyn. Much of the inspiration for the EP came via strange facts and amazing stories form a 1972 Encyclopaedia.  Specifically an article on Cryogenics was heavily influential while making “Deep Freeze.”  Thematically, the approach of the songs range from fun an narrative like “Count to Two,” a tale of a heart broken vampire, to a more musically atmospheric centred approach like that of galloping stallions in the song “Horses.”  “Sunny Day” always felt like looking in to the sun from 10 feet underwater.  Songs like Sara Lisa represent the rhythmic aspects the EP.

You can download it from here, it’s highly recommended for people that like music ‘n’ shit. It’s for your ears, y’know.