Artist Feature: Bravestation

Bravestation are a band from Toronto (that’s in Canada, you know) and they make music that sounds like it’s from everywhere. Cherry picking influences and sounds from all over the place (See Yeasayer, Talking Heads, Wild Beasts, Foals and a Editors if they actually wrote good songs) they’ve put together an impressive sound scape over the time from their debut EP to this shiny new EP. Somehow each song is instilled with a sort of epic feeling, making each song sound much more expansive than it actually is, take ‘Colour Us With Youth’ above for example, it’s only 3:07 long but feels so fleshed out and accomplished that it’s hard not to fall in love with it more and more as the seconds roll on by. This happens to be the case with every single song on their 2010 EP, it’s all pretty great regardless of how much of a shitty name ‘Bravestation’ actually is.

Did I mention it was free? Yeah, click here. If you know what’s good for you, that is.


  • Jacob

    Bravestation is AMAZING! Gunna be huge soontime!

  • Oooh, je t’aime. It’s a bit 80s isn’t it? not always a bad thing though x