Artist Feature: Blood Orange

This is hardly the first time I’ve harped on about Blood Orange, the newest musical outlet for the wonderfully prolific Dev Hynes who spends his days in Brooklyn (where he now lives) and is presumably busy being the most musically open man in the music industry (seriously, from writing songs for distressingly poor pop mistress Diana Vickers to producing tracks for the brilliant Theophilus London). He’s left the Lightspeed Champion persona behind for the while, turning his back on the wide range of influences and sounds that came together to form the two official records under that name*, and carving out new sounds. Blood Orange feels sparce in comparison to LC, a place where oriental melodies can sit alongside groove filled bass lines, guitar solos and precision made beats, tied together with fragile vocal turns from Mr Hynes. Keeping in mind that every song currently knocking about exists in demo format and is recorded on a laptop in his house and with homemade videos made out of spliced together 80’s movies and documentary footage, Blood Orange deserves to be noticed.

You can hit up both his Myspace and brand-spankin’-new Tumblr page by clicking on the blue words you can see to the left of the words you’re currently reading.

*Falling Off Lavender Bridge & Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You (purchase them)