Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti LIVE for Pitchfork WOOOAAAHHH

It could just be a personal trait of mine, but whenever I come across a band with a back catalogue heftier than Biffy Clyro’s bank balance, my enthusiasm wanes almost instantly. What if I only like the recent incarnation of the band? Where am I going to find the money to buy all the older albums, obscurities, and compilations!? WHAT AM I GETTING AT THE END OF THIS LENGTHY JOURNEY OF MUSICAL EXPLORATION?!!? All these notions come frittering through my subconscious at once, resulting in me picking up a worn out copy of a classic I’ve listened to a ridiculous number of times.

Ariel Pink is one of those artists. Or rather should be. Because he doesn’t just buck the trend, he pulverises it into a fine paste. I literally can’t get enough of the man. Like Kurt Cobain brought up on a diet of Muzac and early 90’s Cable access tv, Ariel Pink is a contemporary genius, and reinforcing this fact, whilst simultaneously feeding my addiction, comes the above series of video’s courtesy of Pitchfork TV. What was once a (still captivating amazing sounding) mess live, is now a finely polished act, blasting the sparse, lucky audience, with budgeted Bowie synths, angular punk noodlings, unfathomably complex song structuring, and more tongue action than a Gene Simmons convention. Seriously check out his antics just past the halfway point. I don’t know if it constitutes as over zealous crowd participation, or assault. Whichever it is, is fine by me.