Alec's song of the decade

You, like many other readers would much rather dispense with a top 10 list and disregard with the other 9 in favour of checking out that sweet top spot magic. Acknowledging this I’ve decided to save you the torment and myself save the space on the page and present you with my number 1 song of this decade

Anthony & the Johnsons – Aeon

‘Aeon’ was an album track from “The Crying Light”, the bands third LP from early 2009, full of genuinely beautiful and perfect examples of songwriting from the he/she of magnificence Anthony Hegarty and no better was this shown in ‘Aeon’. A tender, stirring and exemplary example of the craft. No other song -in my eyes- has topped it. Nothing is wasted, everything is treat with respect and a natural sense of beauty permeates. It’s not a song what will get you dancing but boy, is it perfect.


  • Liam

    I for one Alec would like to know which songs it fought with to reach this point.

  • Far, far, far too many