6 albums wot I have enjoyed this year, and that.

2010, two thousand and ten, twenty ten, two kay ten. Whatever you want to call it you simply cannot deny that is the year we have just lived through… Well, you could, but you’d look mental. Yes, it’s all coming to an end with a  classically hedonistic denouement so I thought it’s a perfectly reasonable time to sit down and list 6 albums that I’ve personally enjoyed rather a lot over the last 12 months, in no particular order. And then I might ramble on about a few albums at the end, who knows! As always I’ll have forgotten to mention 600 albums or so, so forgive my stupidity.

Let the festivities begin!… After the break.

Los Campesinos! – Romance is boring

Los Campesinos! had previously released one good album and a great maxi EP, I loved them quite totally until Romance Is Boring was released. RiB became a combination of the darkly lit We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed EP and the twee indie rock record Hold On Now, Youngster, fulfilling the glorious evolutionary promise of one of a truly great band. And after it came out, I loved them even more.

These New Puritans – Hidden

‘Hidden’ is not an easy listening record, it’s hard work for most of the record, colossal drums crash around beautifully arranged orchestration and Jack Barnet’s mumbling vocal tracks haunt nearly every song on the album. What it is though, is incredibly rewarding. There’s no record I can think of which struck me quite as totally as ‘Hidden’ did, it is a master class in producing perfection.

Sleigh Bells – Treats

Coming from the deranged minds of Derek Miller (formally of hardcore band Poison The Well) and Alexis Krauss (formally of lame teen pop act Rubyblue) Sleigh Bells is the combination of their musical pasts, sickly sweet vocals on top of huge guitars, huge bass beats and a musical aesthetic all of their own. Nobody sounds like Sleigh Bells, and that’s a mark of true genius.

Perfume Genius – Learning

A man sat alone with nothing but a piano, his heart on his sleeve and an ear for beautiful music, Perfume Genius released his début album and stole my heart instantly. One of this years absolute best.

LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening

James Murphey has always been a man with a spectacular record collection, each album he’s made has been a composite of sounds and emotions in music that he loves completely. The final LP under the LCD Soundsystem name continued his journey to find his own musical nirvana, This Is Happening was the result. It’s at times brutally honest and at others immensely silly, but you’re likely to be too buys dancing to notice anyway.

Gold Panda – Lucky Shiner

Gold Panda’s début LP is a triumph of cut and paste musicianship, a combination of far eastern melodies and modern dance sensibilities. It’s a lush and yet instantly recognised record, and more importantly it never discards the emotional base in which all music should be built from. Seriously, just listen to the lead track and tell me you don’t understand what he means. Intricate and emotionally powerful.

Honourable mentions:

Les Savy Fav, Lightspeed Champion, Gorillaz, Sufjan Stevens, Warpaint, Tonetta, Everything Everything, Jónsi, Anthony & The Johnsons, jj, Pantha Du Prince, Deerhunter, Dustin Wong, Chromeo, How To Dress Well, Kids & Explosions, Kohwi, Mount Kimbie, Surfer Blood, Theophilus London, Xiu Xiu (I love this album so much but I worry that if I harp on about Xiu Xiu any more I might actually have to crawl up Jamie Stewart’s rectum full time), Yellow Ostrich.

Fuck yeah, 2010!