The Flaming Lips – The Terror

the flaming lips the terror

In the press release for The Terror, Wayne Coyne described it as a “bleak, disturbing record” born out of hopelessness. He said this, as if The Lips had never produced anything which didn’t instill a feeling of grinding dread and oncoming, uh, terror. Hell, Embryonic did that to me every time I heard the thing, and their series of collaborations with nearly everyone alive in 2011/12 could hardly be described as joyous. Still, The Terror arrives with the distinction if being an album that Coyne himself thinks is a desolate recording. It’s with great pleasure that I announce that The Terror isn’t 6 hour black metal experiment, but is instead The Lips playing around with a new sonic palate nestled somewhere between Embryonic and Kid A. True, it might lack a moment of euphoria to the scale of Race for the Prize, but The Terror is a sometimes beautiful, sometimes transient and often frightening experience that’s worthy of your time.