Solange – TRUE (EP)


Prior to this year, Solange was awfully busy being known primarilly as Beyoncé’s little sister, who happened to make fairly decent music sometimes, too. This took up a lot of her time, and as such she failed to release any solo work since 2008’s Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams aside from a string of beautifully judged low key collaborations. Of course, four years is a good long time to get your shit together and, with a little help from potential genius Dev Hynes (Test Iciles, Lightspeed Champion, Blood Orange), has come out looking pretty great. TRUE combines Dev’s knack for lucious, shimmering pop production and songwriting with Solange’s natural loveliness as a vocalist to fairly startling effect, it’s a really accomplished work, and one that any self respecting pop fan should be seeking out.

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