Bonobo – The North Borders

the north borders

These days, Brighton born producer and beatmaker Simon Green is as close as you’ll come to a sure bet. His four albums to date have been excellent explorations of samples and percussion, and often beautiful ones at that. The North Borders continues the fine line he walked with ‘Black Sands’ by asking the question, how far can you push something before it becomes cloying, desperate for you to emote along with it? His skill as a producer isn’t necessarily in assembling his sounds in just the right order, but in finding the sweet spot between platitudes and subtlety. Instrumentation clatters, samples loop, bass shakes and little treasures are hidden in the in the back of the mix. In the best way possible, Bonobo offers a very friendly sound, one easy for most people to accommodate and enjoy, but still discover depth if they wish for it.