Arcade Fire – Reflektor

arcade fire reflektor

Previous Arcade Fire efforts have felt bogged down by the weight of their concepts. From ‘Neon Bible’ which was hamstrung by the weight of its religious imagery and moral judgments to ‘The Suburbs’, ¬†a sprawling, uniform extravagance, driving home its message over the course of its one hour run time. Both albums felt the weight of their subject matter, and struggled to create textures that shone in different lights. ‘Reflektor’ is something else entirely, it’s the sound of Arcade Fire stretching their wings, trying on new outfits and experimenting with sound in a way we’ve scarcely heard them do before. It’s a scruffy, potentially polarizing mess, made glorious by the sheer talent of the musicians who make up the group and producer James Murphy, who brings a love and attention to the album that few other collaborators could have. It wants to make you dance, and it does.