VIDEO: Lemonade – Neptune

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Alright, so when you first heard Lemonade’s 2012 owning single Neptune (wait, you did hear it here first, right?), what did you see? If your answer was “a girl having a shower and then brushing her hair, before having a cigarette”, then it your singular definition of the perfect accompaniment to Lemonade’s impassioned R’n’B slow jam is shared by House Plants and Weird Days, […]


VIDEO: Youth Lagoon – July


Youth Lagoon – July I quite liked Youth Lagoon’s debut album, “The Year of Hibernation”, I did. I even wrote about it here, remember? Back when it was little more than a few lines of code at the bottom of some words, ah, those were the days. It’s been a thermonuclear minute since then though, and I’ve been somewhat lacking in my […]

VIDEO: Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)


Arcade Fire, ey, what can you do with them, the pervasive scamps? At first we pined for a follow up the underrated Neon Bible, we practically felated the perceived ability of those mostly Candian kids. Then we got the first sniffs of The Suburbs, and it was oh so sweet. But wait, this has been going on a good long while, hasn’t […]

2010, two thousand and ten, twenty ten, two kay ten. Whatever you want to call it you simply cannot deny that is the year we have just lived through… Well, you could, but you’d look mental. Yes, it’s all coming to an end with a  classically hedonistic denouement so I thought it’s a perfectly reasonable time to sit down and […]

Emails are usually tiny computerised balls of disappointment, dressed up like world peace, excitement and all your dreams have finally come true. In reality though, 99% of emails are filthy liars and I don’t much appreciate the way they go about their business (What? You need me to deposit £20,000 in your account so you can flee your country before giving me back £1,000,000? […]

Having already poured out my heart, declaring my undying love for The Smith Westerns here, I feel I’m too emotionally and physically drained, to wring out anything else to write about this particular song. All I’ll say is the above video only confirms that TSW are so suave, watching it feels like being punched in the face by David Bowie, […]

Well, wasn’t that fast! Just days after the news that The Rural Alberta Advantage had a brand new album coming out called ‘Departing’ (hey, look! That’s the album art above, that is) they’ve gone ahead and gifted us with not only an audio track to stoke the fires of our hearts but also the opportunity to own a copy for ourselves by […]

While there’s STILL no new Radiohead material out there, we can always rely on the bands more outgoing member Johnny Greenwood to supply us with musical goodness in the meantime. He’s written (and played part of) the score for the forthcoming Japanese film ‘Norwegian Wood’,a title so ripe for porn parody the script practically writes itself. Today I stand tall, […]

It could just be a personal trait of mine, but whenever I come across a band with a back catalogue heftier than Biffy Clyro’s bank balance, my enthusiasm wanes almost instantly. What if I only like the recent incarnation of the band? Where am I going to find the money to buy all the older albums, obscurities, and compilations!? WHAT […]