NEWS: Wild Beasts announce “Smother”, release teaser video

295 WildBeasts_by_Tom Beard
  • 22 Feb 11

  • News


Wild Beasts released their last album in 2009, it was called “Limbo, Panto” and if you haven’t heard it by now there’s little hope left for you (but you should go and buy it anyway). Now it’s 2011, a date so futuristic that the severe lack of flying cars, lizard world leaders and perspex tubes to whisk me from A to B is causing me sleepless nights. Naturally, Wild Beats are aiming to ease your pain by releasing their new album, “Smother” on the 9th of May for any and all to enjoy. In the mean time though, they’ve put out a sexy little teaser video you can see below, featuring These New Puritans style beats, distant twinkling piano and a run time so short I barely had time to undo my jeans in preparation.