Vampire Weekend "Contra" artwork revealed, tracklisting comes along for the ride

  • 20 Sep 09

  • News


What you see above you is the album art for the new Vampire Weekend album (see below for Joe’s opinion on the aforementioned band), very pretty indeed and not at all a paid advertisement of Ralph Lauren, which reminds me I really want an expensive tee-shirt right about now. Anyway, they also revealed the track listing so if you’re one of those folks who likes to reel off that sort of thing in passive conversation then check this shit out

01 “Horchata”
02 “White Sky”
03 “Holiday”
04 “California English”
05 “Taxi Cab”
06 “Run”
07 “Cousins”
08 “Giving Up the Gun”
09 “Diplomat’s Son”
10 “I Think Ur A Contra”

Got’cha covered.