We’re back!11!!1!11one

  • 26 Nov 10

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That’s right, after a frankly embarrasing amount of time spent under the worlds toughest and most idiotic virus we’re back on the internet full time! Which is nice, isn’t it? Now don’t go throwing yourself around the site with glee just yet, some things arn’t in their right place just yet and we’re a little buggy at the moment but we’re back in full operation from just about this moment onwards (including a new writer, coming very soon).

So yes, thank’s for sticking with us. You’re all so damned beautiful.


Oh, and whilst we’re at it, shouts out to my Father’s newest venture at www.darkpeakdigital.co.uk. Misc Music – where nepotism never dies.

  • I fought through naked ladies numerous times in an attempt to read xx