WELCOME: Misc 2.0 is live, let’s talk changes

  • 12 Jun 12

  • News


Long, long overdue and with a not inconsiderable amount of effort under my belt, I present to you, finest reader the latest, and sexiest version of Misc.Music to date. Here’s what’s new, before you go clicking around and finding it all out for yourself

  • Much, much quicker load times across the website
  • Correct categories (things are where they should be, no dead ends et cetera)
  • A brand new logo design, courtesy of the hideously talented and wonderful Francesca Eaton
  • Responsive theme: whatever device you read MM on, you’ll find it automatically resized to work on your screen
  • Overhauled MM Twitter and Facebook pages, alongside better social media integration across the website
  • Nice typography

Alongside all that goodness, we’re proud to finally(!) advertise the small fact that we do indeed have a last.fm group, so if you’re deep into that scrobbling scene make sure you spend a moment joining us. Alternatively, as all three contributors to Misc are there, you could pop in to find out exactly what we’re listening to at any given moment, you creepy git.

Now, don’t say I never do anything for you.

Big love, Alec.