Wavve’s Nathan Williams arrested in Germany – WE GET IT YOU SMOKE WEED.

  • 01 Dec 10

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What, you hadn’t noticed? I know he likes to keep it under his hat, but yeah, Nathan Williams loves to smoke the green stuff. Don’t believe me? Well here’s the proof direct from the Wavves frontman’s own fingertips

“We got stopped at a roadside check and I had six bags in the car and they only found one– the fucking dogs never work. I bet it’s high from all the fumes. Anyways, they put me in a cell which was a little nerve-wracking. More so because I was an American in a German jail and not because I have long gay hair. I did wrestle for four years in high school, so I could have fucked somebody up. So yeah, then I gave em ā‚¬200 and walked out… not a terrible deal. And now I’m getting high again.”

Like, totally radical dude. But in all seriousness is Nathan the only person convinced that transforming yourself into the one man Bill and Ted, and endlessly bragging about how much you ”LOVE SMOKING WEED LOLOLOLAZ” is the epitome of cool?

Answer: Yes.


  • Today I woke up and realized I have no creativity, so I got real baked and made a bunch of noise-pop songs. My name is Nathan Williams and this is my story.

  • Werdnaandrew1995

    fuck off, nathans the shit