WAIT, WHAT: Black Lips and Bradford Cox as Joey Ramone

  • 13 Sep 11

  • News


Don’t you just hate it when you turn up at a Black Lips gig, your appetite whetted for a punch to the stomach serving, of 100 mile an hour, rough around the edges rascal rock, and out of nowhere wonky faced warbler Cher takes to the stage, in what can only be yet another bid at musical reinvention? Yeah it gets to me too. The above footage, (undoubtedly filmed on a broken betamax camcorder, through a dense fog of evaporating band piss, and stale beer…) of their Georgia gig this weekend, seemed to show the familiar scene of Cher invading the stage, before towering over the audience, like a L’oreal sponsored Death Eater, that not only sucks away your soul, but leaves a little reminder in the hollowed out cavity that was your existence, that she was the one to bring autotune to the mass¬†consciousness of the music world. After some closer inspection it became clear it wasn’t Cher at all, but infact, the recently reanimated corpse of punk pioneer Joey Ramone, in what is undoubtedly going to make for one of George A Romero’s more convoluted, improbably insulting films. Then upon even closer inspection (ie I just googled it at this point) it turns out the affair was a pre planned cover, of The Ramones cover of Bobby Freeman’s Do You Wanna Dance, fronted by Deerhunter/Atlus Sound main man Bradford Cox, covering life itself, by dressing as Joey Ramone, in what has to be one of the greatest, but certainly more abstract meeting of two (three if you’re counting Cox’s Stars In Your Eyes moment) legendary musical factions ever.

Okay well maybe not ever