VIEW WITH YOUR EYES: Radiohead’s ”Newspaper Album”

250 tkol paper
  • 27 Apr 11

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Some lucky so-and-so’s have only gone and got their newspaper albums early, and in the spirit of ruining surprises for everyone, have revealed that there actually wasn’t one! Nope in an effort to not dissatisfy customers who paid 30 british pounds of their hard earned moola (or not if you’re a ”scrounger” like that Jeremy Kyle fodder couple William and Kate…), Thombola and co have gone and sent out exactly what they said they would (more detailed images can be viewed here…*)

  • Two clear 10″ vinyl records in a purpose-built record sleeve.
  • A compact disc.
  • Many large sheets of newspaper artwork, 625 tiny pieces of artwork and a full-colour piece of oxo-degradable plastic to hold it all together.
  • The Newspaper Album comes with a digital download that is compatible with all good digital media players.

Crazy stuff! Whatever will those dastardly Oxfordians do next?! Release an album of music, on an album, and put it out there in black and white for us to buy!? Who knows, I won’t put anything past them at this point…

*Oh did I say here? I meant here.


  • Fiz

    I wish they’d get off their high horses, do a reasonably priced UK tour that included small venues and surprise me by sending me TKOL2 with my ‘newspaper’ album. Actually, no. TKOL2 would be terrible. Send me Pablo Honey 2… Haha. No really, that’d probably be better.