Various album details feat. Wavves, Best Coast. (Updated)

  • 28 May 10

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Wavves – King Of The Beach

Release: 2nd of August

Fun fact: Despite being “that faggot from Wavves” they actually make some pretty cool assed music.

Track listing:

01 King of the Beach
02 Super Soaker
03 Idiot
04 When Will You Come?
05 Post Acid
06 Take on the World
07 Baseball Cards
08 Convertible Balloon
09 Green Eyes
10 Mickey Mouse
11 Linus Spacehead
12 Baby Say Goodbye

Best Coast – Crazy For You

Release: 27th of July

Fun fact: This is not the official album art, its from an old EP. But still, we needed to pad out some space on the page and in my humble opinion, this will do just nicely. Also, this should be good.