Vampire Weekend – Horchata

  • 05 Oct 09

  • News


This is the first single from their new album. This new single is also being released for FREE DOWNLOAD which sadly doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. This could be a bleak-end for Vampire Weekend.*


*Oh how I laughed at that.

What a bag of shit. And after you put a countdown on your page Vampire Weekend, you didn’t even go 80’s or anything. No but in all seriousness its pretty awful. HEAR ABOVE NOW, GUYS!


Vampire Weekend, still pushing the tired, overused, African influence…now with added synthesizer, because you know…they’re current and whatnot. Absolute shit, let the backlash begin

”Okay lets go in a totally new direction guys….by that I mean exactly the same as last album, but lets bung a synthesizer in for good measure”