Thom Yorke names his motley crue of musicians "Atoms For Peace", sets some dates

  • 25 Feb 10

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Remember that Coachella poster listing Thom Yorke as “Thom Yorke????”, you know the one, the one i’ve handilly put above this text? Yeah, yeah, there you go. Well looks like things have been cleared up and his group of misfits now has a name “Atoms For Peace”, this coming direct from the brain, to the hands, to the keyboard, to the Internet of Thom Yorke. On his Radiohead’s official website he said this

ok so in April the other band.. that i got together to do the eraser and other stuff u know .. Mauro, Flea, Me, Joey and Nigel is going back out to do some shows in the US.. ending with playing with Coachella. we had too much fun to just leave it there…

it has been decided that we call ourselves Atoms For Peace. hope you like the name.. it seemed bleedin’ obvious.

these are the shows & Flying Lotus is opening for us –
New York Roseland Ballroom 5th & 6th
Boston Citi Wang Theatre 8th
Chicago Aragon Ballroom 10th & 11th
Oakland Fox Theatre 14th & 15th
Santa Barbara Bowl 17th

Lovely! Glad we got that sorted out Thom. In other news, I would literally butcher a small animal for tickets to Coachella, jus’ sayin’.