Thom Yorke – "Months rather than years before the music business completely folds"

  • 09 Jun 10

  • News


Well if there’s a giant face in the world you can trust, surely it’s Radiohead’s own Thom Yorke who’s recently been mouthing off about the ultimate demise of the mainstream music industry AS WE KNOW IT in a new high school textbook entitled “The Rax Active Citizen Toolkit”. Terrifying, I know but all hope is not lost according to Mr Yorke this will be “no great loss to the world” and it’s “only a matter of time — months rather than years — before the music business establishment completely folds”. So that’s some heartening news for all you MASSIVE CORPORATE SELL OUTS reading this (I’m kidding, you need money too). Fetch the popcorn, we should be without a music industry by…. Oh, September?

Song, song, song, sawng.