This would have been about Daft Punk’s ‘Derezzed’ video

  • 08 Dec 10

  • News


You know, free publicity is wonderful. Giving people the ability to spread the word about good things without having to jump through needlessly complicated/unobtainable hoops to do so, and you’d think that company’s would be more than happy to allow people to enthuse about their latest creations and help to raise awareness. From Vevo on YouTube and it’s relentlessly irritating copyright restrictions all the way through to MTV, the accident of birth prevents thousands and thousands of people per day from acessing the content they love.

I shouldn’t have to download a program which convinces websites I’m American just so I can see a fucking Daft Punk video, what on earth do they think I’m going to do with it once I’ve seen it? Draw it down frame for frame, make it into a flip book and then sing the song over the top, thus stealing their property? Ridiculous, and I know that in a week or so there will be a version I can post on this website that everybody can enjoy, but in an age where people won’t wait a week to hear something, why not just make it available everywhere and let people share with no boundaries and no petty restrictions.

Then again, if you are American you can head over here to watch the video, unlike myself.

UPDATE: Those not of an American persuasion, can watch the video here.