NEWS: Microsoft rip off Arcade Fire in new advert.

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  • 03 Feb 11

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Hey Microsoft, I see you’re advertising Bing there, the “decision engine” (also known as: the best bit of PR speak this side of David Cameron’s smug little face) that you’ve been shoving down our throats for the last year or so. But what’s that I hear destroying my soul in the background? Why, it’s a cheap imitation of Arcade Fire’s euphoric classic “Wake Up” of course! Complete with ever so slightly rearranged chord sequence and vocals that are almost-sorta-nearly-just the same as the original! It’s not like you’ve got more money than most countries or anything….

Digest the travesty above, and try to stop the hate fuelled bile from rising in your throat.


  • Joe

    Jeez give them a break, its not like Microsoft are one of the biggest companies in the world, with enough money to buy the song at least a billion times over or anything…