THIS WEEK IN CROSS PROMOTION: Bon Iver designs a shoe

Bon iver shoe
  • 17 Jun 12

  • News


You know how it is, one day you’re lounging around, basking in the adoration of a hundred thousand Pitchfork lovin’ tumblr kids when suddenly your phone begins a jaunty vibration across your cocaine dusted glass table*. It’s Keep, they make shoes, trendy shoes. As it happens, they’re desperate to cash in on your cultural cache by getting you to put together a design for them. It’s just another average moment in the life of international jet setter, surprise exercise idol and bearded gentlman, Bon Iver.  So what does your $75 net you? Why, only the chance to wear the pair of hideous trainers that are helpfully visualized above! Granted, part the collaboration’s inevitable profits will go towards the Best Friends Animal Society, but that’s a mere footnote in the epic tome that is The Ramos Bon Iver’s bad looks.

You can (if you really have to) purchase the shoes here, but do it quick, they’re LIMITED EDITION and therefore SHOULD BE PURCHASED REALLY REALLY SOON.

*Bon Iver’s table isn’t actually made of glass.