THIS WEEK IN BAD BAND NAMES: Rocketjuice and The Moon

  • 01 Nov 11

  • News


What do you get when you combine perpetual teachers pet Damon Albarn (not to be confused with his cereal brother, Damon Allbran), the beacon of bad shirts himself (Flea) and Eno favourite Tony Allen? Well, outside of a potentially awkward lift ride, you apparently get Rocketjuice and The Moon – the latest super-group to spring from the busily furnished mind of D-Barn. It’s one of those Afro-beat bands that certain irritating “indie” acts seem to love desperately fawning over at every possible fucking turn, as such it’s also impossibly funky, technical and full of the kind of relentless passion that only mildly interesting super-groups can create.

Wonderfully enough, the crazy kids who maintain their YouTube channel have uploaded a whole host of sound desk recordings from their latest gig, one of which I’ve kindly stuffed below these words. The others? Well, let’s just say clicking a certain blue word in this sentence will take you there. You didn’t hear it from me.