THEY’RE BACK WOAH: Hatcham Social – I Look Like A God When You Dance With Me

  • 27 Feb 12

  • News


Whether or not the title of this here track references a line uttered by Patrick Swayze in a deleted scene from Dirty Dancing, or something Jesus’ dad once said because well… he looks like a god doing anything really… isn’t in question. Infact I’m not even sure why I brought it up. What does need further enquiry however, is the methods by which masters of tumbling jangle britpop Hatcham Social can marry together rockabilly riffage and playfully Blur-styled bar chords. Boiled down to its essence, said formula could be worth a hefty sum marketed as an altogether more joyous alternative to the drugs trade, as ILLAGWYDWM (apologies if that’s something profane in Welsh) is utterly addictive moreishness in audible form. Like Colonel Sanders 12 herbs and spices or the secret to Ed Sheeran’s continued success, it’s something that’s still baffling experts (me) even after all this time (little over a week). I’ve had my top men working on it however and they believe that they’ve isolated it down to 2 parts Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman and 1 part the chorus from The Black Lip’s Dirty Hands. However they’re still picking over traces of DNA found that may or may not prove to be sweat wrung from one of Elvis’ jumpsuits (stay tuned).

You can dig deep and throw a bit of cash Hatcham’s way via their pledge campaign right….here, with the promise of goodies, a warm fuzzy feeling and a chance to stave off those withdrawal symptoms if you do. Until then that fabulous felt tip artwork up top should tide you over.