NEWS: The Raveonettes announce new album, give away new song

333 raven in the grave
  • 09 Feb 11

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Remember back in 2009 when The Raveonettes turned their back on the Jesus & Mary Chain meets Death In Vegas style shoegaze that made them popular, and made glossy sort-of-noise pop instead (disclaimer: that is a shamelessly enjoyable album)? Yes, well that duo are back with a whole new record! It’s called “Raven In The Grave” and judging from the first single “Forget That You’re Young” it’s going to be a pared down affair, stripping out the heavy 1950’s glamour gloss that plagued the last album in favour of more traditional lo-fi shuffle material. Speaking of the single, it’s FREE! (click here) and for those of you with a disposition towards track listings, you’ll find one below.

01 Recharge & Revolt
02 War in Heaven
03 Forget That You’re Young
04 Apparitions
05 Summer Moon
06 Let Me on Out
07 Ignite
08 Evil Seeds
09 My Time’s Up

<press mode> It’s going to be out on the 5th of April in America and the 4th in the rest of the world, via Vice </press mode>