The Killers – Boots

  • 05 Dec 10

  • News


A new yearly Killers Chrimbo song is almost becoming as much tradition as obese jolly men in red suits, eating enough to warrant a hernia, and ultimately presents. (I mean the birth of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Cough presents). Now imagine waking up that snowy Christmas morning to find Santa had been replaced by an expressionless, clean shaven Peter Jones-alike, and instead of bringing you the thing you wished for most dearly throughout the year, he’d slipped a stack of tax returns under your door, with a note telling you to have them on his desk Monday. That’s what this song is. A disappointing void of  beige, from which echoes the ungodly sound of a collaboration between David Gray and Coldplay. Pack the tree away kids, Christmas is OVER. Thanks ALOT Killers.