The Golden Filter put together a mix for Dummy, want you to have it free

  • 29 Jul 10

  • News


Put together over 5 weeks whilst living in London, The Golden Filter have gone ahead and made a mix for Dummy mag. Possibly because they’re just nice people or more likely because they were asked politely, either way it’s a collection of bizarrely incompatible genres put at either end of the Large Hadron Collider and then fired very fast at each other. From dance, to shoe gaze, to ambient and all dressed up with more than a liberal amount of disco sensibility. Plus it’s got STEVIE FUCKING NICKS in it, which -as always- is more than necessary.

They’ve also done a short interview, like 4 questions short, which is somewhat (actually not at all) enlightening but if you want a little more background on the mix you can head over here. Regardless, it’s largely glorious and you can download it by clicking on the words below.

Which words? These ones.