The Golden Filter annouce "Voluspa"

  • 22 Jan 10

  • News


Eclec-disco funksters The Golden Filter have finally got around to announcing that debut album of theirs. The mysterious duo announce “Voluspa” which, due to the magic of copy and paste (A revolutionary feature in the iPhone, apparently…)

Völuspá (Prophecy of the Völva; reconstructed Old Norse [ˈvɔluˌspaː], Modern Icelandic [ˈvœlʏˌspauː]) is the first and best known poem of the Poetic Edda. It tells the story of the creation of the world and its coming end related by a völva addressing Odin. It is one of the most important primary sources for the study of Norse mythology.

How about that then? At any rate based on thier previous efforts and just general speculation I can safely say that this will be the greatest album ever ever ever ever made. Truth.