Review: The First Days Of Spring – Noah And The Whale

  • 02 Sep 09

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Charlie Fink, I do feel sorry for you. First of all nobody would listen to your really quite good first album because they expected it to be all recorders and summer time sing-along’s that eventually made you want to rip out a strangers eyeball and then, at some point after that record you lost Laura Marling (As a girlfriend of course, she is alive and well). Now personally if i were you I’d be unable to move from grief. She’s Laura fucking Marling for god’s sake. So what’cha gunna do Mr Fink? Are you going to slip into a grief instilled coma or do you grow up and write an album that’s beautiful and important to yourself at the same time? Luckily for us its the latter. The First Days Of Spring is a roundabout way of Charlie showing us how he feels, it’s all boohoo and oh no look what happened and i cant live without you miss Marling but that’s not all that it is by any stretch of the imagination what the boys have crafted with these emotions is an absolute belter of an album, affecting and powerful with some absolutely beautiful arrangements all come together to make a tragic self contained world within an album that sweeps you with its distant violins and gently strummed strings. It wouldn’t be fair to the album to single out one song so I’ll just go ahead and recommend you buy it in some way (Hey, kids! No downloading)

Lovely and largely beautiful 8/10